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Proven Criminal Defense Attorney

Serving Salem, MA and Surrounding Areas

If you have been arrested or charged with committing a crime in Massachusetts, you need legal advice.  For years, Teddy has been successfully defending people accused of breaking the law.  If you want an attorney who will fight to protect you in court, contact Teddy today!

Attorney McNaught is thoughtful and responsive...I would recommend him to anyone.

I had a great result for my case and would highly recommend Attorney McNaught to others.

Experienced, Professional, Trusted
OUI Defense Attorney

Being charged with an OUI may be one of the most stressful things a person can have to endure.  An OUI charge jeopardizes your license and often, by extension, your livelihood.  If you are facing an OUI charge, you should have an attorney in your corner who you can trust, an attorney with experience defending difficult cases.

Teddy can help.  Over the past ten years, he has represented hundreds of people and handled a variety of challenging cases, including some that captured the attention of the local and national media.  

Teddy's clients have won at trial.  Teddy has succeeded in having evidence against his clients suppressed.  His client's have had their cases dismissed or continued without a finding.  Teddy has been recognized for the results he achieves and the satisfaction he delivers to those he counsels.

Drug Charges


Threats, Assault

Disorderly Conduct

Firearms Posession

Larceny, Fraud

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